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puceJune 2015 : The BBS 51-52 (2012-2013) is printing; Print is finish, read the editor Edito.pdf

cover 51-52 label BBS 26 years

4th Januar : Report of the meeting of the commission in Brno


Liste des participants / liste of members

rapport en français

report in english

puceaoût 2013 : le BBS 49-50 (2010-2011) est paru



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puceAugust 2013 : The BBS 49-50 (2010-2011) ist printed




BBS 49-50 wit CD : 90 CHF, 70 €

CD 14 : 45 CHF, 35 €

DVD 24 years : 310 CHF, 255 €, update 20 CHF, 15 €

puceApril 3, 2013 :The BBS/SA 47-48 (2008-2009) ist printed

7057 abstracts for 2008 and 2009


BBS 47-48 with CD : 90 CHF, 70 €

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15 March 2012 : Speleological abstract 46 is published

bbs_46 The number 46 abstracts the year 2007. The book is with the CD of the year. 45 CHF + shipping
label 20 ans


The 20 years CD is ready. Preis : 250 CHF or 15 swiss french if you have the cd 19 years

June 2011 : Speleological abstract 45 is published

2 years after the number 44. Sorry, we are late. But it's a long work. We need help for the next numbers, principaly news redactors and coordinators for a country.

image bbs 45 The number 45 is about the year 2006. The price is 45 CHF + postage (book and CD).
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The CD 19 years is ready. 240 CHF or as update if you the old BBS Sa and CD. Free if you have the cd 18 years



July 17, 2008 : Speleological abstracts 44 is published

The number 44 is about the year 2005. The price is 45 CHF + postage (book and CD).


The CD 18 years is ready. 240 CHF or as update if you the old BBS Sa and CD. See after

To all those who support, use or collaborate in the Speleological Abstracts (Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique),

The BBS/SA 44, which corresponds to the year 2005, has just appeared. We are not entirely caught up with our delay, although we’re working hard at it. The next issue will contain two years and will appear this November, in time for the famous Italian speleo gathering (a double issue 45-46, which corresponds to the years 2006 and 2007).
Do not forget to confirm your subscription, either by Internet www.ssslib.ch/bbs , or by using the attached form, or directly with the co-editor federations. We are simultaneously working on an online version of the BBS/SA, available by subscription. A first version of it should be tested this summer, and presented at Vercors 2008. Information will be available at www.ssslib.ch/bbs.
Thank you to all who contributed to this issue 44. You are listed on page 6. Thank you to the co-editor federations and thank you to the UIS (International Union of Speleology) who greatly supported us for this issue.
Happy reading and good research,

Patrick Deriaz
President of the Commission of Bibliography of the UIS

PS: the 17-year CD is incompatible with the CD of the BBS/SA 44 developed under Filemaker 9. We will exchange it for free: send us your 17-year CD, the CD of the BBS 44, and in return, we will send you an 18-year CD. Do not forget to mention your address.

Januar 3, 2008 : Speleological abstracts on internet

We prepare a version of the BBS / SA on internet. The preview will be ready on the end of Januar.

The number 44 (2005) is on the publishing.

The Numbers 45 (2006) and 46 (2007) will be published in one copy, probably on Summer 2008.

August 7, 2005 : report of the bibliography commission of the UIS. Where is going the speleological abstracts ?

report 2005.pdf

August 7, 2005 : Speleological abstract 42/43 is ready

The BBS/SA 42/43 is a double issue. It contain the years 2003 and 2004. Because of the thickness of the book, which will influence the printing cost, and the amount of data (more than 8000 abstracts), it will be sold at twice the normal price (90 CHF, 60 €). It will be available as of August 2005, and will be sold at the International Congress in Greece.

Publications on the Internet will also be abstracted. Additional information will be available: address of the publisher, national library where the publication can be found.

order you copy immediately


August 7, 2005 : The new cd-rom 17 years is ready

A new 17-year CD is available. It contain the years 1988 to 2004. Its price will be 220 Swiss Francs.

It will be free to all those who purchased the 12-year CD and the 2000-2004 updates (6 CDs). The exchange can be made during the UIS Congress.

order you copy immediately


Jan. 21, 2005 - Bug in the CD of the BBS/SA 41

In the refined search, it is not possible to search by country. We are looking for a solution.

Jan. 1, 2005 - Spain collaborates in the BBS/SA and becomes co-editor

In the summer of 2004, the Catalan Federation of Speleology started collaborating in the BBS/SA and has already sent in more than 200 abstracts for the Nr. 41 issue. It became co-editor of the BBS/SA, and the library of the Catalan Federation became a Documentation Center of the UIS.



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